List Your Construction Equipment on is a platform created to aid companies and individuals in listing their construction equipment for sale in South Africa - it's Free to use and anyone can post offers and make requests on the platform, Yellow Metal works on both Apple and Android phones along with a public website for viewing listings of Construction Equipment for sale in South Africa. also provides for users who would like to list their construction equipment for hire

It's easy to use, just download the app via Google Play Store or Apple App Store and register for the Free account. From there you can post Offers of Construction Equipment for Sale or Construction Equipment for Hire. Yellow Metal has a range of different categories allowing users to post Yellow Metal Construction Equipment or Yellow Metal Spare Parts for Sale or For Hire - New or Used.

The beauty of Yellow Metal App is that there is no commission or fees on transactions, for users who need more from the system there is a Premium account - that comes with a host of added benefits - Yellow Metal truly is a friend of the Construction Equipment Industry - a peer-to-peer community marketplace, creating a new way of doing business and opening up new revenue streams for those looking to diversify their Yellow Metal businesses.