Google "Forklift for Sale" in South Africa 

Currently the most competitive term is “forklift for sale” with 1,300 monthly visits and companies spending R12 – R40 at Cost per Click to be on the first page. The general perception being if you are not on page 1 you may as well not even be there. Now if the user clicking that ad doesn’t find what they are looking for at the destination they will bounce – so the conversion rate will be poor. While the term Forklift for Sale is pretty broad, the searchers expectation will be a page with exactly what they are looking for – perhaps something like a 2.5 ton forklift for sale.

Now if the searcher instead types in: “2.5 ton forklift for sale” – any advertisers using that term are spending around R9 – R30 CPC, sadly there are much less users looking for that only 110 – compared to the mammoth 1300 – the odds remain better – so I expect that the term: forklift for sale is currently undervalued and we should see it easily double.

Other really competitive terms we found were: forklift price, used forklifts for sale, used forklift, toyota forklift for sale, second hand forklifts, toyota forklift price, second hand forklift for sale, hyster forklift for sale, forklift auction, electric forklift for sale, forklift for sale olx, forklift for sale near me, new forklift price, moffett for sale, moffett forklift for sale, pallet stacker for sale, linde forklift for sale.

But that’s just Google Search and now days there are a range of other online options available to advertisers, some use Facebook and Facebook groups, in our work we have noticed that while Facebook is good socially and for brand building, we see very little conversions through it when it comes to paid advertising. is different in its approach: We match the user request with the closest Offer to their request, a broad request like Forklift for sale will give them options to chat with anyone who has loaded a Forklift – while a more refined request like: New Toyota Electric Forklift will yield better quality results. But because the user can still interact with the results – as in starting a chat through the app – they can arrive at a better result without spending hours searching.

YellowMetal puts your offer in front of the client at the moment that are looking for it. How you sell to them once the chat starts is up to you.


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