The Future of Farming – New crops and new ways to farm

A recent report based on research by Queensland University of Technology in Australia has identified a number of new farming industries that we can expect to see in the coming years. These industries are largely a result of the emerging technologies.

Some of the most interesting are: Automation-as-a-service for agricultural technology, automation consultancies and services related to ‘decision agriculture’ – data driven services.

All together they identified 24 potential new industries, most of them in the technology space – driven by data, robotics and AI. With these few notable exceptions: Medical Marijuana, Hemp, Insect Farming.

Emerging technologies impact in a variety of ways, such as improved productivity and efficiency or through entirely new way of doing things and creating new products for growing and emerging markets.

In the coming years the expectation is to see pay-per-use or subscription services for agricultural technology, thought-leaders and consultancies to support the rollout of automation on a massive scale, products and services to provide on-farm digital decision-making platforms and supply-chain solutions.

While in the near future we should start seeing in-field sensors, gateways, AGbots and drones as a managed service; along with Farm Machinery maintenance and repair services supported by 3D printing.

Other emerging technologies to look forward to: wearable tech, 5G, natural language interfaces, quantum computing, (ML) machine learning, computer vision, collaborative robots, (AR) augmented reality and human augmentation and brain-computer interfaces.

Already we are seeing the benefits of autonomous robotics and human physical augmentation – like exo-suits that improve productivity and safety – how we work in the future will be different, it will be better, easier, more productive and efficient.

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