Empowered women in Construction

In celebration of Women's Month this August we look at the story of some amazing women leading the way in construction of one of the Western Cape’s largest wind farms – Perdekraal East Wind Farm.

Article originally from ESI Africa website about these 5 amazing women. A balanced view on how both genders can work together in harmony on projects of the future. The construction industry is huge with an abundance of opportunity for different skill sets. The women in the article we’re specialists in a range of different fields from an Environmental Site Officer, an Economic Development Manager, a Civil Engineer – Quality Control Inspector, Assistant Project Manager and a Construction Safety Practitioner.

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Google "Forklift for Sale" in South Africa 

How can YellowMetal.app make it easier for Forklift suppliers in South Africa? If you google the term "Forklift for Sale" the results are numerous with most of them being Google Adwords - these companies must be spending a fortune to try to outcompete one another. But is it working?

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The Future of Farming – New crops and new ways to farm

A recent report based on research by Queensland University of Technology in Australia has identified a number of new farming industries that we can expect to see in the coming years. These industries are largely a result of the emerging technologies.

Some of the most interesting are: Automation-as-a-service for agricultural technology, automation consultancies and services related to ‘decision agriculture’ – data driven services.

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Anglo American FutureSmart Success Story

At the time in April 2013 when Mark Cutifani took over as group CEO for Anglo American the company was in deep water and he had to make some big changes. His restructuring plans targeted 66% of the workforce and 15 different businesses through consolidation, optimisation and efficiency while simultaneously increasing yield.

As a consequence, the company has reduced its debt and operating costs and increased dividend disbursements, revenue and productivity.

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Mining Equipment Offers and Requests on Yellow Metal

Mining Equipment is big business in South Africa, with mining suppliers, mining supply companies and mining equipment manufacturers all competing for a slice of the action.

South Africa has a rich mining history - with the massive Cullinan Diamond found at the Cullinan mine about 45 minutes from Pretoria. Needless to say machinery used to extract diamonds remains in high demand to this day. Machines used in mining come in many different shapes and sizes for the different jobs, there are machines like the Sandvik underground drill rigs, rock mining machines, the mining drilling machine or the continuous miner.

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List Your Construction Equipment on YellowMetal.app

South Africa is a vast country with a wide array of different industries using Yellow Metal Machines, from Mining, Agriculture, Transport and Construction. Big construction equipment suppliers brands hold the marketshare in South Africa, with brands like Caterpillar, Bell, Komatsu, Hyundai Construction Equipment, Volvo, Foton Lovol being amongst the biggest.

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